Farewell FF, Ferrari unveils the GTC4 Lusso. The new Ferrari 2 + 2 boosts the concept of Gran Turismo supercar and bring the driver’s experience to a new dimension. Thanks to the new technologies adopted such as the four-wheel-motor-driven, electronic suspensions, steering rear wheels and much more, the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso allows the driver to exploit to the full potential the many horses available.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 1

The new Ferrari supercar boasts an engine with 690 hp of maximum power and a V12 that reaches up to 8000 rpm. However the power to weight ratio here is a record for the category with 2.6 kg / hp as well as that of the 13.5: 1 compression. And the maximum torque is 697 Nm at 5750 r / min with 80% of torque available at 1,750 r / min.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso 6

The new  brings with her a profound evolution of the four-wheel drive system “4WD Ages” (Ferrari patent) integrating it with the rear steering wheels. As they explain in Maranello the new GTC4 Lusso introduces the 4WD-S control system (four-wheel drive and steering), patented by Ferrari, which, based on the evolution of Side Slip Control, also patented and now in version 4.0, now includes control electronic differential (E-Diff) and damping of the suspension (SCM-E). All these systems, as well integrated and managed by proprietary software, allow the GTC4 Lusso driver to exploit the extraordinary torque even on roads snowy, wet or with low adhesion for a constant stability with an increased sense of control and security that results in higher performance.

And with its unique design the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is the most beautiful luxury supercar you will want to drive.


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