Bologna based Ducati is now ready to bring to the market the new Ducati Scrambler, an the icon of the past with a 75 hp air-cooled twin cylinder.

ducati scrambler rosso 1

If you like to buy a bike based on style more than performance, then the new Ducati Scrambler might be an attractive option. It is first and foremost a style icon and it is meant to represent a way of life, such as the Scrambler model that became famous and very popular in the ’60s and ’70s.

ducati scrambler giallo 4.jpg


ducati scrambler giallo 5.jpg

The Ducati Scrambler is a thoroughly modern bike with a classic look based on the pillars of the past. The bike is stripped down, lightweight and tough. And it is very cool. The bike is well equipped both in technological terms and dynamic characteristics. It is powered by a desmodromic air-cooled 803 cc L-twin engine with two valves per cylinder, producing 75 hp and a torque of 50 lb-ft. A great classic engine, which comes from the Monster and Hypermotard 796, deeply revised to offer great driving flexibility and responsiveness at low and medium regimes. The standard equipment includes: LCD instrumentation, a six-speed transmission, electronic fuel injection, and Brembo disc brakes front and rear with ABS, and alloy wheels.

ducati scrambler gialla

The Scarmbler will have a weight of 186 kilos in running order, and this should make the bike very enjoyable in everyday driving. The first version of the Scrambler available for sale will be the Icon: yellow or red, with the tank characterized by the interchangeable aluminum “cheeks”.

ducati scrambler giallo 1.jpg

ducati scrambler giallo 2.jpg

The other versions of the Scrambler family are the Urban Enduro aimed at those who love the enduro style, the Full Throttle designed for geeks fascinated by the world of “flat track” racing, and the Classic full of details in ’70s style.

ducati scrambler giallo 3.jpg

For more info http://scramblerducati.com/en 


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