The Michelin Guide 2017 has risen to 343 the total number of starred restaurant in Italy. Head to these restaurants to enjoy the best Italian cuisine. The three stars are only 8 and are located in Piedmont (1), Lombardy (2), Veneto (1), Emilia Romagna (1), Tuscany (1),  Lazio (1), Abruzzo (1). For 2017 there are 26 new entries across Italy, and this is very good news for lovers of Italian cuisine who travel the country and want to experience the finest Italian cuisine.

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Italy is the heart of good food and there is a huge variety of restaurants across the country offering a fantastic cuisine. However if you want to enjoy the most refined culinary experiences, then the choice narrows down to a selected number of very good restaurants.


How can you choose the best restaurants in Italy? The new Michelin Guide provides an accurate list of where to find the best Italian cuisine prepared by talented chefs in each region. With a total of 332 featured restaurants, the 2015 Michelin Guide is the perfect travel companion to help you choose where to book your next high end culinary experience.

Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck @ La Pergola

On a worldwide basis, Italy boasts the second highest number of Michelin starred restaurants. And, with 47 female starred chefs out of 110 worldwide, Italy is the leading country. As Sergio Lovrinovich, editor-in-chef of the Michelin guide Italy on the 2015 selection of restaurants, said: “We’re seeing more and more talented young chefs doing creative, exciting things with high-quality products. Constantly changing consumer tastes are driving innovation and fusion with oriental flavors, a trend that can probably be attributed to globalization. But what makes the difference in Italy is the fact that these changes are taking place in perfect harmony with the fundamental ‘ingredients’ on which Italian cuisine has been based for the past 60 years and more – shared enjoyment, respect for nature, high-quality products and family tradition; in other words, with passion.”

Massimiliano Alajmo

Massimiliano Alajmo @ Le Calandre

The very best of high Italian cuisine is found at the 8 three-star restaurants in Italy: “Reale” in Castel Di Sangro (Abruzzo region); “Piazza Duomo” in Alba (Piedmont region), “Da Vittorio” in Brusaporto and “Dal Pescatore” in Canneto sull’Oglio (Lombardy region); “Le Calandre” in Rubano (Veneto region); “Osteria Francescana” in Modena (Emilia Romagna region), “Enoteca Pinchiorri” in Florence (Tuscany region) and “La Pergola” in Rome (Lazio region).

Niko Romito

Niko Romito @ Reale

Andrea Berton

Andrea Berton @ Ristorante Berton

In addition to the 8 above mentioned restaurants, there are 39 two starred and 285 restaurants with one Michelin star. And be sure that Michelin starred restaurants are easy to find in each and every Italian region.

Carlo Cracco

Carlo Cracco @ Ristorante Cracco

Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura @ Osteria Francescana

Rome and Florence are a must in virtually every trip to Italy. Ask yourself what will make your luxury experience more memorable than a meal at Pinchiorri or La Pergola? Possibly nothing.

Alfonso Iaccarino

Alfonso Iaccarino @ Don Alfonso 1890

Are you planning to visit the Amalfi Coast? There are some 20 starred restaurants in this area only. Each village has got one or more, some have sea access too. Your luxury vacation will not be perfect without a visit to Don Alfonso 1890, Torre del Saracino, Terrazza Bosquet or Rossellinis.

Gennaro Esposito

Gennaro Esposito @ La Torre del Saracino

Luigi Tramontano

Luigi Tramontano @ Terrazza Bosquet

Heading to Sicily? Taormina, Caltagirone and Ragusa will have to be on your list not only for the beautiful monuments but for a fantastic meal too.

Ciccio Sultano

Ciccio Sultano @ Ristorante Duomo

Follow your instinct and interest, be brave enough to venture to small villages lost in the Italian countryside and you will experience the best of the Italian food culture cooked for you by the most talented chefs. Every season is different, therefore our suggestion is tot o go back at different times visiting different regions in order to taste extraordinay dishes of the best Italian cuisine.


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