Talarico Cravatte is an Italian producer of high quality ties based in Rome historical town center. And Maurizio Talarico, born in Calabria in Southern Italy, is the man behind this small company that is known for its bespoke craftsmanship. He grew up with a strong passion for ties and In 1999 he decided to start producing quality hand-made ties founding his own company Talarico Cravatte in Rome.


talarico 1

The company is now growing and getting internationally know for the quality and craftsmanship of the ties produced with the best silk and cashmere wool. Maurizio Talarico has been able to create a high profile image around his company and his ties often wrap up the neck of politics, royalties and celebrities. The Roman showroom in Via dei Coronoari is today considered a must visit for many connoisseurs and tie lovers in Italy.

talarico 5pieghe

Talarico 4


If you love classic elegance and hand-made ties, you will love Talarico Cravatte. The fine quality of the silks from Como, from England and France is carefully handled by master tailors to produce exclusive products that give the highest pleasure to the elegant man.

talarico 8

talarico 7

talarico 6


On your next trip to Rome plan a visit to the shop to appreciate the sartorial making of the Talarico ties, and understand why they are increasingly considered real luxury items. Once in the shop you will also discover the other elegant Talarico creations such as the high quality scarves and foulards.

talarico foulard-in-seta-stampata-001


Choose your favourite tie style between the classic, the five or seven-folds, the jersey and the special limited collections made with precious materials such as gold yarn or vicuna wool from Peru. A hand-made Talarico tie is a small accessory that makes a big difference.

talarico 10

talarico 11


More info on www.talaricocravatte.it


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