Aleksandra Badura is a young bag designer who opened her own Badura flagship store in Rome in July 2013, right in the heart of the historical town centre close to Piazza di Spagna.

Badura logo

aleksandra badura 4

aleksandra badura 5

This dynamic woman strongly wanted to establish herself on the market of luxury handbags and accessories with high end products entirely designed and made in Italy.

Badura ÉTOILE tonight

badura BAULETTO handbag

Aleksandra Badura is definitively one of the most interesting new designers for luxury handbags. She creates exclusive, carefully designed, products made with high quality raw materials. Fine leather with cutting edge tanning treatments: crocodile, buffalo, ostrich, eel, sea snake are combined together in exquisite design and shapes.

badura lady like detail


badura lady like medium

Badura bags are handmade in a strictly traditional way following the best Italian craftsmanship tradition. Beautiful lines with a contemporary glamorous design and always elegant. The entire Badura luxury bags collection is “Made in Rome”. Each piece is unique, with nothing left to chance: from the finish to the leather linings strictly a contrasting color; from the hinges to the closures. All the details are true gems that make the bag even more luxurious.

badura bauletto turquoise python

badura roma rossa

Next time you are in Rome visit the elegant flagship store in Via Mario de’Fiori to get your unique Badura bag.
Badura boutique

BADURA boutique2_oggetto_editoriale_720x600

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