Gianvito Rossi is one of the most interesting Italian shoe designers. He stepped onto the fashion scene in 2006, debuting his spring collection in Milan. After some 20 years working with his father Sergio Rossi, Gianvito is now making his name well known in the fashion world.


Gianvito Rossi work is focused on designing beautiful shoes that women are happy and comfortable to wear. This approach has led Rossi to a very distinctive style, elegant and very contemporary at the same time. Today his shoes are among the most wanted by fashionistas all over the world.

gianvito rossi red

Feminine and elegant shoe design, high quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, entirely made in Italy in San Mauro Pascoli, these are the distinctive characteristics of Gianvito Rossi shoes. Rossi describes his brand as eluding “femininity, modernity, and elegance,” and that’s apparent through refined, delicate silhouettes. The Rossi name keeps making a difference in shoe design.

gianvito rossi images (1)

Gianvito rossi shoe1

Gianvito Rossi mulD

Gianvito Rossi 7

gianvito rossi 1dal


gianvito rossi pump

gianvito rossi nero


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