Matera is in Southern Italy. A remote Unesco-listed rural town that enjoys  a spectacular and unique setting. A place you won’t forget easily, as many locations in Italy. Matera’s old area is called “Sassi” or stones and consists of a series of ancient caves dwellings. The Matera region has in fact been inhabited by man since the Palaeolithic period.

grotte della civita 6

In the Sassi you find Le Grotte della Civita a truly unique hotel, set in the prehistoric settlement of Matera. The ancient town of Matera was built into and over limestone caves. It grew in height on one slope of the ravine created by a river that is now a small stream. The ravine is known locally as “la Gravina”.

grotte della civita 4

Here many of the old “houses” are really only caverns. And Le Grotte della Civita, in fact, offers hospitality in caves. The hotel offers some 20 beautiful cave rooms and a restaurant. The whole hotel has been created through careful and very attentive renovation, with respect for the past and for the small details.

grotte della civita 1

Rooms are like no others, the caves are authentic. And are furnished with local old furniture, most from reclaimed wood crafted by local craftsmen, mixed together with some contemporary pieces giving a sensational first impression and making each room very comfortable.  

grotte della civita 5

grotte della civita 7

grotte della civita 2

grotte della civita 9

grotte della civita 3

grotte della civita 8

grotte della civita Daniele Kihlgren

The renovation project to create Le Grotte della Civita has been developed by Daniele Kihlgren, of Group Sextantio. He is the mind behind the creation of the so called Albergo Diffuso (spread hotel) that aims at saving the Italian “minor patrimony” through tourism and investment in old villages restoration.

To book your stay at Grotte della Civita in Matera click here


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