Ginori is one of Florence’s best-known businesses across the world and a piece of fine manufacturing in Italy. The porcelain manufactory  was established in 1735 by marchese Carlo Ginori near his villa in the Tuscan countryside. Now known as Richard-Ginori, the 300 years long history company has experienced success and decline. As of February 2013 it was in bankruptcy and it was saved by the Gucci group acquisition.


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In its long history Richard Ginori 1735 has produced fine porcelain tableware as well as porcelain figures, statuettes and beautiful boldly-scaled porcelain figure groups. Connoisseurs who appreciate Italian fine porcelain and ceramics have often found beautiful Richard Ginori pieces for their homes.

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Richard Ginori fine tableware often reproduce the historic designs that are more than 200 years old or those developed by Giò Ponti who  served as artistic director of the manufacture from 1923 to 1930, producing many designs in the Art Deco manner.


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Original designs have also been developed by Giovanni Gariboldi, 1930-1970, and through collaboration with Italian designers such as Missoni. All the designs are housed at the Richard Ginori Museo di Doccia in Sesto Fiorentino, just outside Florence.

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Now that Gucci has acquired Richard Ginori we can expect the development of new lines inspired to the Florentine fashion house designs, as well as the production of the most iconic Ginori designs. This will help keeping alive the industrial district of Florentine artisans securing the production of those high quality products we love.

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