Giorgio Santamaria established in 2004 Giosa Milano “La Bottega del Coccodrillo” a very unique luxury artisanal workshop specialising crocodile leather goods production. Milan is actually renowned for the working of crocodile skin, and the Porta Ticinese district was famed as the leather goods area.


Giòsa Milano-La Bottega del Coccodrillo is an exclusive luxury brand based on the best Italian craftmanship of a family who has been specializing, for generations, in the working of crocodile skin. Giorgio Santamaria learned the secrets and techniques to produce high quality leather bags from his father, a leather goods craftman.

giosa milano 08-2010-red

But Santamaria also wanted to expand the range of products to other items always working with the finest crocodile skin leather. And the name of his “La Bottega del Coccodrillo” reflects the fact that he produces and sells all types of crocodile skin products, from the classical bags to travel items, clothing and accessories, including shoes, hats, gloves, belts and hair bands right up to more unusual, contemporary creations with an innovative and contemporary twist.

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giosa milano porta ipad

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Giosa Milano only designs crocodile skin leather items. Giorgio Santamaria does not work in terms of collections, so  all models are unique, handmade pieces and, above all, made in Italy. The skins used are never the same since for each item produced, often a custom made order, a different type of working technique and specific skin type is required.

giosa milano bag testa moro

Connoisseurs and sophisticated people love to own these unique crocodile leather products ranging from shiny to opaque, in hundreds of different shades and colours. Still today Giosa Milano production methods continue to be absolutely unique, because most of the products are tailor-made according to the individual requirements of each customer.

giosa milano

Giorgio Santamaria sources the best crocodile skins mainly from Africa, Thailand, New Guinea and Australia. He also purchases alligator skins from the US. Find the best skins is the first step to obtain such exclusive products for Giosa Milano sophisticated clientele.


Visiting La Bottega del Coccodrillo in Milano is in fact a real experience. It is one of the few places where one can order his own individual model  and create it from the very beginning. Here it is possible to choose each detail, including type, color and style. This is true luxury, living the client the possibility to order  his own customized creations in crocodile skin leather.



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