If you like the pleasure of wearing bespoke shoes that are carefully hand-made for you, then you should consider Paolo Scafora an Italian craftsman who creates shoes of an unparalleled level. Based just outside Naples, Paolo Scafora makes superb hand-made shoes following an old artisan tradition which has always been regarded as art. Scafora is a young man who follows in his family craftsmanship story of over half a century with a strong commitment and passion in the making of high-quality leather articles.

paolo scafora

Paolo Scafora bespoke shoes are carefully made using only the finest leathers from France and Italy. These exquisite shoes are for the sophisticated people who appreciate the quality of hand-made products made by expert hands of highly skilled artisans.

paolo scafora su misura

paolo scafora wholecuthg5

The long manual production process executed by Scafora shows in practice how the old traditions have been passed on from generations to keep alive the ability of producing shoes of breathtaking beauty.

paolo scafora 3

Inside of every Paolo Scafora shoe you can read the words “Lavorate interamente a mano” this means that the shoes are made entirely by hand. One of the most delicate activities is the Goodyear welting for sewing the shoe and the sole together with a narrow strip of leather. Scafora still does this activity entirely by hand placing a layer of cork between the shoe and the sole for comfort and ventilation.  



Following a careful selection, Paolo Scafora primarily uses Italian calf leather, English chamois leader, French box-calf. Among the most highly demanded leather types are also crocodile, ostrich and python.

paolo scafora casandrino

The discerning connoisseurs will be fascinated to discover Paolo Scafora’s craftmaship ability and attentive manufacturing process and will want to experience the pleasure of wearing a pair of such unmistakable Italian and elegant bespoke shoes.

paolo scafora2

Learn more about Paolo Scafora at


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