Fabio Salini is a talented haute jewelry designer based in Rome. He has trained with and worked for some the world’s best gem cutters, metallurgists and jewelry designers. Fabio Salini dedicated his life to jewels and precious stones, and to finding the perfect design for them.

Fabio-Salini-Telaio-164d6 fabio-salini-2-copia-2617115_0x440 fabio salini 5

During his career as a luxury jeweler, Fabio salini has worked with some of the very best names in the high end market including Cartier and Bulgari. These experiences have been of great importance in Salini’s career and professional growth as a jeweler. The ability to follow the whole process of jewelry design and creation, including buying the stones and sculpting them, makes Fabio Salini a unique kind of luxury jeweler, as the collections he creates under his own name clearly show.

fabio salini 1 fabio salini 4 Fabio-Salini-01-African-scent-p28-2-2649b

Since 2004 Salini opened his own jewelry store in Rome in Via Monserrato. Here is where some of the worlds most elegant women stop when in the Eternal City to choose among the most superb contemporary jewelry.

fabio salini1-274996_0x440 fabio salini-440771

Most recently Fabio Salini and Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have united their creativity and distinctive knowledge to create the Dangerous Luxury Jewelry Collection (images below). It is a surprising collection of jewelry that fuses nature with luxury in a new and unique way combining gold and precious stones with unorthodox materials.

Fabio Salini Dangerous-Jewellery1 Fabio Salini Dangerous-Jewellery 2 Fabio Salini Dangerous-Jewellery 3

See more at: www.fabiosalini.net


2 thoughts on “FABIO SALINI

  1. Hello, I sell jewelry to a rarified group of woman and am interested in the Campana Cuff bracelet as well as pcs from your collection. When can we meet in NYC to talk and see the jewelry. Can you give me an idea of price of Cuff?

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