Essequadro eyewear is a youthful company started by Stefano Scauzillo in Southern Italy. Mr Scauzillo comes from a family with over 50 years of expertise in the field of optics.

essequadro 1

Before starting his company, the young entrapreneur worked in various optical factories in the Cadore area in Veneto, Northern Italy. Cadore is actually the heart of the Italian optical industry, where all the big global producers are based.

essequadro 10

Essequadro manufactures and distributes high-quality acetate eyewear. Production techniques, equipment and materials have been transferred from the Cadore experience in order to get state of the art eyewear.

essequadro 5

What is unique of Essequadro is craftsmanship coupled with research and development. Essequadro focuses on research and experimentation of new production techniques in order to improve its product accuracy and quality. Innovation, dynamism, craftsmanship are three words that describe well Essequadro’s approach to eyewear production.

essequadro 3

At Essequadro every single stage in the manufacturing of eyewear is carefully supervised, and the equipment employed is manually controller. This brings to original, beautiful and comfortable frames. Stefano Scauzillo aim is in fact to guarantee the maximum comfort and top quality of every single frame.

essequadro 2

Essequadro uses only high quality and elegant acetate to produce frames characterized by exclusive colors and unique production.

essequadro 9

The harmony between these two elements makes the company’s frames different and elegant.  This is what the sophisticated person who considers quality glasses a distinctive trait of his/her personality likes about Essequadro frames.

essequadro 6

Stefano Scauzillo has a clear idea in mind, good quality glasses can only be made in Italy and he wants Essequadro to become a leader in the eyewear market while keeping Made in Italy as a distinctive feature of the whole Essequadro eyewear production process.  Essequadro 8

essequadro 7



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