Maria Candida Gentile is a perfumer who has developed her own independent line of fine fragrances and luxurious candles. She also provides a bespoke design service for those clients who want their own individual perfume.

Maria candida Gentile 1

Maria Candida Gentile comes from a family of chemists and herself is a graduated in chemistry studies from the University of Florence, although she was always fascinated by the fragrance’s world and its creation. This is an interest she developed since childhood in her parents garden. She started very soon to prepare home made scented waters, like rose water. 

Maria Candida Gentile 6

After spending some years in the gorgeous Italian Alps, Maria Candida Gentile moved to the French village of Grasse, the heaven for all the most important fragrance masters in the world. In Grasse she was trained and followed by Carole André at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Under her guidance Maria Candida learned the techniques coupled with the little known trade secrets that distinguish unique fragrances.

Maria Candida Gentile 8 Maria Candida Gentile 3


Thanks to her methodology, Maria Candida Gentile has been appointed the title of Maître Parfumeur, and she’s in fact one of the few women bearing this prized title. Maria Candida Gentile uses only the choicest natural materials. In particular she implements only natural essences and oils in her perfumes. This is a specific choice in order to achieve  to the best quality in fragrances that are able to touch people’s heart. She loves selecting very limited quantities of high quality essences, but also to help local artisans to live from their beautiful and authentic work and keep the tradition alive. In  her work and life she is strongly committed in keeping the environment pure and healthy.

Maria Candida Gentile 7

Maria Candida Gentile also offers a bespoke service. She is in fact the creator of some really exclusive and rare fragrances for important people such as princess Caroline of Monaco. She also designed a signature fragrance for the acclaimed luxury hotel La Posta Vecchia in Italy.

Maria Candida Gentile 2

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