Maurizio Iacopini is a young Italian shoe designer from Sant’Elpidio, the heart of most important shoes district in Marche region, in Central Italy. Coming from a family of shoemakers, Iacopini had his first contacts with the shoes world at very young age.

maurizio iacopini scarpe

Today Maurizio Iacopini is an expert craftman who designs elegant high heeled ladies shoes in Civitanova Marche. He not only designs under his own label, but collaborates with other important and well known brands such as: Alberto Guardiani, Bruno Magli, Just Cavalli, and Tommy Hilfiger, among others.

maurizio iacopini (23) maurizio iacopini (22) maurizio iacopini (15)

High heels are among Maurizio Iacopini’s favorite shoes. And he designs elegant and stylish shoes for the sophisticated women. Stiletto heels coupled with classic lines are a trademark of Maurizio Iacopini design who is known for his attention to produce comfortable shoes using the best materials. He not only designs but also deals with the material search, from the last to the upper decoration before starting to produce his beautiful shoes.

maurizio iacopini (2) maurizio iacopini (16) maurizio iacopini (15) maurizio iacopini (25) maurizio iacopini (31)

Maurizio Iacopini’s beautiful shoes are all made in Italy with the highest quality and come in gold boxes that clearly indicate their precious content.



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