The 2013 Vespa 946 is a small scooter that helps you move with unrivalled agility and style around the city.

vespa 946

The Vespa 946 style draws inspiration from the MP6, the first Vespa prototype of 1946. Since  after the war Vespa became the most famous scooter in the world and still is considered an unsurpassed example of style and Italian creativity. The 946 elegantly combines retro with contemporary design.

vespa 946 01

The new generation scooter is characterized by a beautiful single steel and aluminum body designed by the Piaggio Pontedera Style Centre where tradition and innovation were carefully balanced.  The Vespa 946 has a very low curb weight which is combined with an upgraded 125cc, 3 valve, 4 stroke, air cooled engine to offer an impressive fuel consumption (more than 55 km per liter) rated at 155 mpg.

vespa 946 04

Stunning aesthetics and great lightness make the Vespa 946 a unique product that’s perfect to ride the city in style.

vespa 946 11

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