Headbanger Motor Company is an Italian manufacturer of custom bikes. The company is the brainchild of Giorgio Sandi who established it in 2010 in Milan. Sandi’s realized dream was to become a the first Italian manufacturer of custom bikes inspired by the great american tradition.

headbanger gipsy Hollister-skull-on-shine-c

Headbanger bikes are produced strictly and only with carburetor, and are compliant with EU street regulation. These are pure Old School craftmanship bikes built to highest quality level. And are completely made in Italy.

headbanger saten headbanger foxy lady champagne

The company’s headquarter is in Milan, and the factory is in Rovato, near Brescia. Here is where Giorgio Sandi and Luciano Andreoli, a technical and mechanical specialist, made a dream come true. The company got immediate success at international level. Although small in size, Headbanger is a true custom factory, unique in Europe, and big in reputation.

headbanger Gypsy Soul Spring Green headbanger

Headbanger bikes are hand manufactured by Italian expert artisans. These bikes are made one by one following the client’s request in order to provide each of them with their own “piece unique”.
HEADBANGER DEMO RIDE headbanger motorbikes

Discover more at http://www.headbangermotorcycles.com


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