StefanomanO is the brainchild of Stefano and Massimo Gasparroni, leather goods artists. And with the brand Stefanomano they promote a new luxury concept in manufacturing impeccable handbags to be lived every day. StefanomanO is one of the best representatives of the excellence of Made in Italy luxury.


Stefano and Massimo Gasparroni are from Abruzzo a region in central Italy. Thy are heirs of a family that has a tradition of two generations in the craftsmanship of luggages and bags. The two brothers seconced their passion for leather products design and manufacturing with thecreation of the StefanomanO brand.

stefanomano 3

StefanomanO is a considerably successful brand. Known for the original design coupled to the finest leathers and the most exclusive harnesses, the wide range of bags has earned a wide international reputation.

stefanomano 6

The Gasparoni brothers have a precise idea of the stylish man, “at ease with the sophistication with a contemporary taste of the classic”. For the two brothers “Modernity means also to overcome gender barriers”. In their view a beautiful, well done, original design should be addressed equally to men and women . StefanomanO then manufactures unisex briefcases and travel bags, simple but of absolute elegance.

stefanomano 2

The Gasparoni brothers focus on absolute rigor and seriousness in the quality of work and the people, without ever betraying the expectations of a demanding  sophisticated customer.

stefanomano 5

A good example of the StefanomanO luxury concept is Niloticus collection. Refined bags in crocodile leather which well express the concept of exclusivity: lightness, quality of the leather and the details, new colors, entirely made by expert craft workers, with the focus only to the quality of raw materials in order to achieve a unique unparalleled bag.

stefanomano niloticus_blu_cobalto_1

The idea behind the Niloticus bags is to produce an object of value that can be used in a casual way by men and women. And the bag is blue cobalt also waterproof, an added value of a bag that, although very valuable, can be used with no formality and is always elegant in every occasion.


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