Founded in 2004 as a jeweller’s workshop, Vhernier changed direction in 2001 with the new ownership of Carlo Traglio, who also designs the Vhernier collections with a new aesthetic approach.



vhernier esemplare-unico1

The distinctive characteristics of Vhernier are quality of design and materials used coupled with innovation and the very high technical ability of craftsmen working for the company. Mr Traglio is a designer who enjoys collecting contamporary art, and he brings all his taste and attention to detail when creating the Vhernier jewels.

vhernier Catena Cardinale corallo vhernier 01130cl260-e-01130cl268

The simple lines of the new designs are ideal to wear and enjoy the jewels in every occasion. Vhernier creations are beautiful and elegant, inspired from architecture, art and design, and less formal than classic jewelry. It is especially the original design, the refined technical solutions, the way materials are coupled together and the colour contrast that make Vhernier a world apart. No wonder why celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Celine Dion, Kelly Michelle and Lee Osbourne, to name a few, wear Vhernier.

vhernier p0527a-701

Vhernier jewels are made in Valenza (Italy’s leading center for fine-jewelry production, near Milan), and are available in few shops around the world. Vhernier boutiques are in Rome, Milan, Capri, Venice, and in the most important international capital cities.

vhernier esemplare-unico9

Vhernier jewels will bring to memory ancestral forms. These beautiful creations stimulate our memory and imagination, and are able to make emotions come to the surface the more you watch and wear these unique and elegant jewels.

vhernier fp1-e-00581a-218-e-fp2

A visit to the one of the Vhernier’s boutiques is a must to admire Italy’s goldsmith excellence, modern jewelry design and unusual shapes and material combinations.

Once in the Vhernier shop you will be exposed to a full luxury collection which includes the brand’s jewelry and watches, beautiful crocodile leather bags and exclusive silver creations by De Vecchi, a silversmith’s workshop established in Milan at the end of the 1930s, that is now owned by Vhernier.

In 2011 Vhernier also created a limited edition of their popular Pirouette ring (top) to support Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) and the Francesca Rava Foundation (FRF) ongoing efforts to educate the children of St. Luc Street Schools and the Academy for Peace and Justice in Haiti.


Discove more at http://www.vhernier.it



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