Carlotta De Luca was born and raised in Rome, in the eternal city she developed her taste for beauty and studied at The American School. Later she moved to New York to study architecture.
charline de luca 1
While studying at The New York Institute of Technology, De Luca strongly developed her passion for design and fashion. After some experience as an architect in the retail sector for Fendi, she attended the Shoe Design Course at Central Saint Martins College, London. This brought her back to Rome, with the desire to take on the values of “Made in Italy” and to develop herself as a professional designer, the Charline De Luca brand was born.

charline de luca 4charline de luca 7

In 2011, Charline De Luca  released her first collection characterised by a blend of architecture and craftsmanship for her collection of highly structural shoes. You can see  architectural influences throughout her creations. Charline De Luca’s designs reveal typical architect features such a passion for geometry, attention to structure and to shape. All combined with the finest materials.


Charline De Luca was recently selected as a finalist in Vogue Italia’s Who Is On Next competition.  Her Spring/Summer 2013 collection is simple gorgeous. The clean lines, well thought out designs and complimentary colors all coexist together to create a beautiful shoe from her collection.

charline de luca 2

Charline De Luca’s own definition of her style in five words is: “Arichitectonic, pure, rigorous, balanced with a touch of femininity.”
charline de luca 3

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