Zanellato is a family owned Italian manufacturer of fine leather products. The company brings together over 40 years of artisanal craftsmanship experience with the ability to continuosly reinvent its products preserving a distinctive contemporary Italian style.

Introducing the iconic Postina bag. Not so long ago, the Italian postman used to walk around town and villages carrying letters and news in his leather bag.  The instrument of the postman soon became a bag distinctive of a specific profession that everyone in Italy could easily recognise.

Modernity and technology have made the postman bag disappear from Italian towns. But, as always happens for iconic pieces, today Franco Zanellato, luxury craftsman specialising in leather goods, has reivived the postman bag concept and produces a collection of leather bags inspired from the original postman bag. Zanellato has created the Postina bag collection which brings back to memory the style of the 1950s-era postman.


Franco Zanellato actually had to ask the Italian postal service, Poste Italiane, the authorization to start producing a modern version of the shoulder carrier bag using the original bag closures while maintaining an elegant and refined style. The logo, La Postina® – The Bag, today distinguishes the entire collection.

postina pablo-cartella-business-pelle-di-toro-brandyF_1(3)

Zanellato is based in the province of Vicenza in the North East of Italy. The company is known for its high quality leather products characterized by exceptional style and elegance. The company has traditionally specialized in male leather goods, though women have come to love the unique and comfortable travel and tote bags.


Since the very beginning Zanellato has been focusing on two principles, craftsmanship and luxury. The respect of tradition combined with the continuous research of new designs are strong company values. And the Postina collection can be considered the perfect example of how Zanellato is able to put in practice such values building on a tradition of excellence in craftmanship that is typical of the Vicenza area.

postina Soft-Marsiglia-XS-Adriatico01_1

postina produomo_1

As Zanellato states, to wear the Postina® means “to wear Italian tradition” with elegance and style.

postina STO-VIA-34723-BRANDYF_1

The new addiction tothe Zanellato bags collection is the Nina handbag. This is a modern and elegant design that confirms the ability of Zanellato of coupling high craftsmanship and style to produce timeless classics.

Zanellato nina.jpg

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