Amedeo Canfora started his handmade sandal shop in 1946 in Capri. It was a lucky move since soon after Capri became the place to be seen for affluent travelers from the entire world. Royals, artists, intellectuals, and actors wanted to visit Capri to enjoy life like never before.

canfora-sandals-k canfora gail
When Amedeo Canfora decided to open his made-to-measure sandal shop in Via Camerelle, just opposite the iconic Grand Hotel Quisisana, Capri was very different from today. And his shop was something new on the island.

canfora pink crocodile canfora trilli
Canfora’s sandals soon became an object of desire since they were the finest among all sandals made in Capri. And they were extremely beautiful.  VIP clients at the time included Soraya, Princess Margaret, Maria Callas and Grace Kelly. Canfora’s sandals were already trending among the most important people on hearth.

canfora sophie

A very special client was Jackie Kennedy. The American First Lady visited Capri in 1962 and asked that the shop be opened exclusively for her, at midnight. And after her choice Amedeo Canfora created the K model: a simple and elegant model dedicated to Jackie Kennedy.

canfora JK

The latest generation of Canfora craftmanship is today represented by Costanzo who makes sandals with the same passion and attention to the details as his gran father Amedeo. The sandal shop is still located at the start of Via Camerelle. And it retains the simplicity of the original artisan’s workshop.

canfora hoara canfora gisele lizard

The Canfora tradition continues today. And Canfora sandals are always beautiful and different from all the others.  Once you try them, you will never want to change.

canfora financial time

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