Gianfranco Lotti is a bag manufacturer who started his own business in 1968 in Florence producing handbags, leather goods and accessories. His craft production follows in the steps of the famous and historic Florentine tradition of fine leather manufacturing.

Gianfranco lotti_01_1

Gianfranco Lotti is now a prestigious brand identifying luxury bags made in Italy.  The key characteristic of his bags is a well balanced mix of tradition with innovation and technique. Gianfranco Lotti designs beautiful contemporary bags with a unique, recognizable style.

Gianfranco Lotti cover

His bags have classical, balanced shapes, are luxurious in their simplicity, and are well refined in their perfection to the smallest detail.

gianfroncolotti orange

Gianfranco Lotti IMG_7027

Gianfranco Lotti is by no means the most excellent heir to the world renowned Florence leather manufacturing tradition. Thanks to his taste and creativity, he has been able to build on the lesson learnt from the old craftsmen he worked with at the early stages of his career and achieve unparalleled results in bags design and manufacturing.

Gianfranco Lotti coverman

Gianfranco lotti img-thing

Next time you visit Florence, stop at Gianfranco Lotti flagship store in Via Della Vigna Nuova, in the heart of Florence. Here you will find the beautiful classy bags that Gianfranco Lotti creates for the cosmopolitan sophisticated consumers who recognizes a valuable and unique item.

Gianfranco Lotti red

gianfroncolotti orange

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