Bruno Parise is a visionary entrepreneur with a long history in fashion and knitwear. Based in Veneto region, North East of Italy, a region that boasts Italian craft traditions famous throughout the world for their uniqueness. Bruno Parise has exploited the great human resources and craftmansip traditions of his region to design and launch a innovative line of bags under the brand Bruno Parise Italia.

bruno parise grace

Grace medium

Tradition, craftsmanship and innovation are the key words for Bruno Parise. He looked at the ancient technique employing retrieving and modifying the eighteenth century a treadle loom for weaving tapestries. Applying the old weaving technique with leather stripes and cotton Bruno Parise has been able to craft beautiful bags.


Thin strips of leather are woven with a canvas of cotton thread of the same color, creating a texture similar to a soft fabric.  Products are manufactured with a hand-loom to which some technological innovations were added in order to make the improve the production process and make it faster.


The process is completely handmade and a time consuming one: art, technique and, above all, dedication are all needed. It takes two days just to hang the frame with the warp, and then comes the phase composition of the bag itself that lasts at least a full day, as the production process is carried out entirely by hand.




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