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Kiton is a prestigious Italian tailoring company, founded in 1968 in Naples, Italy by Ciro Paone, and has always been focusing on fine men’s tailoring according to the Neapolitan style.



Kiton combines the traditions of fine Italian tailoring with a reverence for luxury and elegance.

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Today Kiton is recognised as the ultimate Italian luxury bespoke company thanks to its attentive dedication to maintaining highly specialized tailors and craftsmanship within its walls.



Kiton’s suits are produced in a factory filled with very skilled artisans who have been working for the company for many years, sometimes for generations. These are very expert craftmans who only work on the best fibers hand-cutting, handstitching and seaming the most fantastic men’s suits you can buy. Kiton’s  tailors have a strong sense of pride in the quality of their work, and the company continuously invests in keeping this tradition to the highest standards with the internal Kiton tailoring school where only the best are selected each year to become  future master tailors.



Kiton’s Fabrics are produced in the company’s own mills in Italy and in England so the process is controlled from the beginning to the final product. This means that fabrics are unique to Kiton together with the best tailoring.


Details such as the sleeves attached to an unusually small, high armhole; the fine irregular stitching around the buttonholes and the technique of loosely attaching the canvas inner lining to the interior part of the jacket to avoid wrinkles on the suit, make wearing the typical Kiton suit a very different experience for selected few. The result is a bespoke suit of unrivalled quality.

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Kiton only produces a limited amount of formal suits every year, and the very best suit you can order at Kiton is the K 50, a handmade bespoke suit made in 50 hours by legendary Enzo D’Orsi in person, the company’s senior head tailor. K50 is were handmade suits tailoring reaches perfection. And this is also why only few pieces are made each year after careful measurements are taken by Mr D’Orsi who flies to meet each client.

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Today the company is run by CEO Antonio De Matteis, the energetic nephew of company founder, Ciro Paone. De Matteis has further developed Kiton expanding the retail network. Family member Giovanna Paone has also introduced the first exclusive women collection for  the full and eventful lives of women whose lifestyle is sophisticated and elegant: the Kiton woman’s jacket is the feminine version of the impeccably well-tailored menswear jacket. The finest Neapolitan tailoring is now available also to ladies.

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