Mario Portolano is a high profile Italian family owned glove making company based in Naples since 1895.

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The Portolanos are at the fourth generation of glove makers, still run as a family business from tanning and dressing of leather, to dyeing, up to the final work phases of making the gloves.

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The business started in 1895 when Fortunato Portolano,  Mario’s grandfather, established the first glove factory of the family. Then Alberto, Mario’s father, developed the glove factory and founded the tanning and dyeing leather factory. When Mario took the helm of the family business he kept developing the family business concentrating on the making of gloves of extremely refined quality.

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Mario Portolano Gloves can be found in the original shop in Naples and in select boutiques in Italy such as LuisaViaRoma in Florence and Excelsior in Milan, and internationally.



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